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  • Designed to be different

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    • Thumbs UpColour coded informative packaging
    • SmileUser-friendly language
    • Light BulbSupports effective clinical decision making
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  • Take the FarlaCare Challenge and
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An innovative approach to wound care allowing you to quickly deliver the right dressing to improve patient outcomes

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Colour-coded informative dressing packs. User-friendly language supports effective prescribing and delivery of the right care, at the right time, to the right patient.

Introducing the first wound dressing packs specifically developed to better meet the needs of non-specialist clinicians and their patients in the day-to-day treatment of wounds.

Following the NHS Clinical Evaluation Teams review and subsequent publication of clinical criteria for wound dressings, FarlaCare identified a potential benefit for patients, clinicians and healthcare costs in improving alignment with NHS feedback.

Subsequently FarlaCare conducted focus groups with wound care specialists to further explore what clinical experts felt was needed to help reduce inappropriate prescribing and costly wastage of dressings and resources.

In addition, FarlaCare, together with wound care specialists, evaluated a number of high use dressings for their ability to perform and either meet or exceed expectations. The culmination of this pre-market research resulted in the innovative FarlaCare – working with wounds – approach, which has produced a portfolio of performance orientated advanced wound dressings delivered in a novel packaging – designed to be different – to meet principals of the NHS’s drive towards Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) :

Farla Foam
Farla Fibre
Farla Sorb

Woundcare Framework 2021

About The Products

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Working with FarlaCare – Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) every time is our goal. Delivering the right care, to the right patient at the right time will reduce wastage, free-up resources and improve patient outcomes. Our innovative approach to dressing selection supports NHS GIRFT.

Click here to read our GIRFT Article

Wound Care Direction by Farla Care
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  • Cares for deep wet wounds (Cavity and flat dressings available)
  • Absorbs fluid
  • Swells to fit wound
  • Promotes healing
  • Requires cover dressing

Downloadable Resources

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  • Cares for very wet wounds
  • Absorbs & locks in fluid
  • Protects healthy skin
  • Requires securing (Can be used over farlafibre)
  • Requires cover dressing

Downloadable Resources

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  • Cares for shallow wet wounds
  • Absorbs fluid
  • Gentle adhesive
  • Protects wound (Can be used over farlafibre)

Downloadable Resources

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  • Cares for minor wet wounds
  • Protects intact skin and wounds
  • Promotes autolytic debridement
  • Useful to protect pink healing skin

Downloadable Resources

Product Portfolio

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This simple colour-coordinated range of dressings is designed to make Getting it Right First Time easier. Treating the wound with the right dressing at the right time is an essential part of improving patient outcomes. In many cases there is confusion about what dressing should be applied and what time. Here is the range that could save millions in wound care treatment.

  • Farla FIBRE Packet
  • Farla FIBRE Inner
  • Insite Farla FIBRE

Highly absorbent perfectly balanced absorbency and wet strength for use on moderate to highly exuding wounds.

Rapidly swells to form a transparent gel, preventing leakage and maceration.

Contours to the wound bed to minimise dead space where bacteria can live.

High wet strength helps facilitate one-piece dressing removal.

Flexible dressing with anti-shrinkage property, fills deep and cavity wounds.

Maintains an optimal moist healing environment.

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  • Farla Sorb Packet
  • Inside Farla SORB
  • Inside Farla SORB

High capacity dressing for use on moderate to heavily exuding wounds.

Breathable waterproof backing with super absorbent and hydro penetrating nonwoven contact layer.

Provides superior absorption and locks exudate away.

Multi-layered construction designed to facilitate fluid management.

Preserves healthy skin and promotes faster wound healing.

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  • Farla Foam S Packet
  • Farla Foam Inner
  • Inside Farla FOAM

Highly absorbent and flexible for use on moderately exuding wounds.

Perforated soft silicone wound contact layer allows fluid to rapidly pass through.

Offers an effective barrier function to exogenous bacteria helping to prevent fluid and bacterial strike through.

Atraumatic silicone adhesive for pain-free dressing changes.

Provides a moist wound environment to promote healing.

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5cm x 5cm 545418 5cm x 5cm 545345 10cm x 10cm 545338 7.5cm x 7.5cm 545332 5cm x 5cm 545418
10cm x 10cm 545419 10cm x 10cm 545346 10cm x 20cm 545339 10cm x 10cm 545333 10cm x 10cm 545419
15cm x 15cm 545420 15cm x 15cm 545347 15cm x 20cm 545341  10cm x 20cm 545334 15cm x 15cm 545420
    2cm x 45cm (Ribbon) 545348 20 x 20cm 545342 15cm x 15cm 545336    
    4cm x 30cm (Ribbon) 545349 20cm x 30cm 545343 18cm x 17cm 545337    
        40cm x 60cm 545344        

Our new wound dressing line is now available


5cm x 7.5cm 545414
7.5cm x 10cm 545415
12cm x 15cm 545416
20cm x 30cm 545417

Visit the Farla Medical Healthcare Ltd website to purchase today!


Learn More

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These short video animations are designed as introductions to the FarlaCare concept aligned with GIRFT, we hope you find them both engaging and informative, we welcome your feedback.

FarlaCare - Supporting GIRFT Working with Wounds

FarlaCare - Designed To Be Different

Betty's Story - Getting the Right Care

Farla Wound Care- Vending Machine

Looking To The Future

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FarlaCare Woundcare enables the delivery of the right care, to the right patient, at the right time

  • Standardised approved products being available 24/7 – avoiding staff being faced with unfamiliar equipment at a time of crisis
  • Automatic management of stock dates – avoiding stock going out of date
  • Restocking in a timely fashion – avoiding items being out of stock
  • Efficient budget management – avoiding wasting ‘pay’ budget.
  • Giving 24/7 reliability – backed by engineering support and training
  • Providing back office reporting – aiding inventory management
  • Is self-financing – therefore justifying the investment
  • Staff are engaged and continue to feedback with equipment ideas.
  • All leading to improved patient care and outcome!

Take The FarlaCare Challenge and See The Difference

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FarlaCare believe that substantial improvements can be made in the day to day prescribing of wound dressings by using our care pathways and adopting our high performance advanced wound dressings that we deliver at affordable prices. Decision making is supported by our novel colour coordinated packaging designed to be different, which will reduce inventory costs and support effective prescribing.

  • Icon 1Colour coded informative packaging
  • Icon 2User-friendly language
  • Icon 3Supports effective clinical decision making
  • Icon 4Eco-friendly durable bags (not boxes)
  • Icon 5Reduced pack size

The FarlaCare
Four-Week Challenge

Your challenge is to engage our clinical support team, evaluate our dressings to establish they are as good as, or, better than your current dressings, look at the local prescribing levels, assess the full costs of wound care provision (assisted by our team where required) and project the real savings by switching to our concept. If we can’t save you more than 20% in real costs, and, maintain or improve standards, we will be astonished.

FarlaCare can provide assessment tools and training support where required. The FarlaCare concept has been developed through collaborative work with wound care specialists, we recognise that referral pathways are critical to successful wound management. Having Tissue Viability experts available for difficult complex or chronic wounds as part of a wound care service is essential to a successful and harm free service provision.

Sign up for the FarlaCare challenge now and be an early adopter and trail blazer.


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